E-Learning Courses

Once you have defined your starting point and acquired a clear vision of your goals, you will need the necessary tools to get there. 

This is when the learning courses come in handy. They are designed to help both managers and trainers learn and implement the changes needed to become more inclusive. 

The managers’ learning course, titled “Promoting inclusion in adult learning organisations” will consist of 20 hours learning content and will provide you with information on: 

  • Educational curricula and inclusion in practice. 
  • Learners Health and Safety. 
  • Physical environment of the Adult learning organisation. 
  • Staff policy. 
  • Relationship and Communication with Adult learners. 
  • Collaborative partnerships with communities. 

Access it here. 

The trainers’ learning course, titled “Inclusive adult learning methods and practices” will consist of 50 hours learning content and cover the following topics: 

  • Best practices for inclusion. 
  • Teaching and learning strategies. 
  • Motivation and engagement techniques. 
  • Evaluation methods of learning outcomes. 
  • Communication techniques and relation building. 
  • Case studies from the real world. 

Access it here.