The IFRTS, the applicant, is an association that develops its expertise in the field of information, training, research in social work. It’s a degree-granting entity which animates and manages a thematic resource centre and seminars. It’s also a consulting structure.


IDEC is a training consulting company located in Piraeus, Greece. Its activities consist of training, management consulting, quality assurance, evaluation and development of ICT solutions for both private and public sector. Clients of IDEC are both SMEs and the bigger Greek companies of a wide variety of sectors. It co-operates with more than 800 institutes all through Europe and with about 300 experts on specific fields.

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Volkshochschule im Landkreis Cham e.V. is a non-profit institution providing educational services to adult population in Cham District. The mission of the organisation is to make adult education accessible in terms of location, timing, contents and costs. We strive to ensure the right to education, access to lifelong learning services and equal opportunities for all people by providing a wide range of services on vocational (e.g., IT, accounting, marketing) and non-vocational subjects (healthy lifestyle, sports, culture).


Eurocultura since 1993 is a research, training and career counselling organization based in Vicenza, Italy. Our key competences are mainly related to labour market and training issues. Our projects and activities are aimed to improve the employability of people through training and valuable work experiences abroad, the promotion of entrepreneurship, the promotion of international mobility of students and workers, the prevention and fight against racism and prejudices, the growth in use of new technologies in learning activities.

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INOVA+ is a Portuguese company specialised in supporting the growth of organisations through innovation, international cooperation and access to funding. With 20 years of experience in several European funding programmes and remarkable success in this area, INOVA+ regularly collaborates with the European Commission and other international bodies for the implementation of specialised projects and services. Acting as an enabler for the participation of other organisations in this highly competitive environment, INOVA+ position itself as a specialised service provider in the development of competitive applications and in the project implementation stage. With a presence in – Portugal, Belgium, Poland and Germany – we work alongside experienced and multidisciplinary team members, who regularly act as external evaluators and experts in different European programmes. Our experience and expertise, combined with an international network of renowned partners, allows us to embark on initiatives in the most diverse areas.


ASTRA – Association for Innovation and Development the non-governmental, non-political and voluntary association was established in 1998. ASTRA is a well-known partner and supplier in projects and activities which are aimed mainly at: educational and training activities (eLearning, WBL & distance learning), promotion of social inclusion, preparedness of regions and cities for development including plans & development programs preparation, as well as transferring knowledge and skills in regional development and people development from and to Slovakia.