Group learning may positively affect learner persistence and academic progress.

Inclusion means enabling all people regardless of their background, religion, health condition etc. to participate in the life of society, including education. The article “Cultivating a Sense of Belonging and Community in Adult Education” provides conclusions made in the wake of a series of initiatives aimed at raising the effectiveness of adult education by promoting a sense of belonging among group learners. Among other things, the authors emphasize the positive effects of group learning (cohorts) on learner persistence and academic progress. Additionally, activities helping students and staff members to get to know each other were were cited as beneficial to increased sense of community. This, for example, led to the fact that more students started informing staff about the reasons for their absence, communicating their need to make a break, expressed concerns about the absence of their classmates, etc.

Article by Volkshochschule im Landkreis Cham e. V.

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