In August, EUROCULTURA performed the pilot testing of the first Intellectual Output of the Consider Project, the Quality Framework.

The aim of this pilot was to test the Quality Framework by studying it and implementing a relevant exercise or activity and also offer the participants the opportunity to think about inclusion. Thus, the pilot testing participants had the opportunity to test the Quality Framework and to be aware of the aims and objectives of Consider project and the importance of the Inclusive Education.

In Italy (with Eurocultura), the piloting was conducted internally, within the Eurocultura organization. It was meant to involve as many Eurocultura members as possible. It was built as an ad hoc education moment, and it was implemented in the organization during working hours.

To learn more about the CONSIDER project or if you would like to know how to participate in the project activities or have access to the resources produced, you can do so by contacting Ana Luisa Ribeiro through the email or Cláudia Dias through the .

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