A research work was conducted by the CONSIDER partnership, namely in France, Greece, Slovakia, Germany, Italy and Portugal. This article presents the main findings from Portugal.

In 2020, 10.0% of the Portuguese adults aged between 25 and 64 years old attended training or education programmes (Eurostat. Data available at: https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/databrowser/view/sdg_04_60/default/bar?lang=en). A Portuguese study from 2014, showed that both intrinsic (epistemic, socio-affective, hedonic) and extrinsic (economic benefits, prescribed by a third party, derivative, professional-operational, personal-operational, vocational, identity-based) motives were identified by the Portuguese adults for attending training (Rothes, et al., 2014).

The Portuguese partner INOVA+ surveyed 14 managers and 27 trainers from Portuguese Adult Education Organizations to collect their perceptions, opinions, as well as the needs, and the status of Inclusion in Adult Learning Organisations. The results allowed to identify some points where CONSIDER project may reinforce the inclusion context of adult learning organizations, namely: (1) by supporting a culture of participation of trainers in “Talent Development Programmes”; (2) through the organization of events/forums on Inclusion; (3) by providing a written Inclusion policy document to students and explaining it to them; and (4) by giving awareness of written and formal organisational policies for inclusive practices.

Article by INOVA+

To learn more about the CONSIDER project or if you would like to know how to participate in the project activities or have access to the resources produced, you can do so by contacting Alexandros Koukovinis through the email alexandros.koukovinis@inova.business or Cláudia Dias through the email claudia.dias@inova.business

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